Winter Date Nights

We’re in our first wave of winter and although the air outside may hurt your face, your significant other still deserves to be taken out on a date. Some days we all just want to stay in the house, maybe binge watch on your favorite series and just lay on the couch till you both fall asleep. But Boston has a lot to offer for couples to enjoy, even during winter!

If you are single and don’t want to stay cooped up inside your apartment, you can enjoy these options as well!

Museum Date Night

Whether you appreciate are or not, museum dates will always be a good option. It’s a perfect place to get to know someone and the hundreds of art collection make pretty good conversation starters so you will never run out of things to say. You can literally go for a nice long date inside a museum as it will take you hours to see everything. Some museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, are so huge that a day is not enough. Although some are not that big, so don’t worry about getting bored. Museums are awesome whether you are thinking of going for a date night or day. Plus, it’s a nice place to go to without freezing your faces off.

Fun Date Night

We’re all in for being romantic and all but sometimes you can spice things up! How about taking your date to go bowling? With drinks and pins, both of you are just guaranteed to enjoy the night! With bowling, you have different options in Boston for locations. You can either go to Brighton and hit the Candlepin bowling area there or head on to Somerville and go to Lucky Strike Social where they offer modern bowling where they offer many lanes, DJs and dancing areas. This is a nice idea to warm yourselves up during the winter weather outside.

Intimate Date Night

Now that we have given you new ideas for your date, the classic dinner date is always an option, no matter what the season is. What does a perfect dinner date night look like? Wine, excellent food, soulful music, and of course, endless heartfelt conversations. Take your partner out on a dinner date and have that relaxing meal together.

Trattoria Il Panino is a perfect place to have your dinner date in. Our excellent staff can provide you with an extensive list of wine and food that will go together with that romantic music playing in the background of the restaurant. We are here to help you make that perfect date possible! Book a reservation with us tonight.