Why Are There So Many Different Types of Pasta?

The world of Italian cuisine poses a ton of questions. With so many different cooking styles, recipes that originate from the area, and Italian takes on recipes from other cuisines, there’s plenty that you can ask about! If there was a frequently asked question about the world of pasta, we’re willing to bet that it has to do with how many different types there are. Pasta seems like such a simple dish, so what’s the reason for having so many shapes? This question actually has more than one answer; we break it down for you below!

All In The Sauce

Have you ever tried to make a pasta dish from scratch before? It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds! There are a few critical things you have to think about to make sure that your dish isn’t ruined as a result. One of these things is the thickness of your sauce. Combining the wrong sauce and pasta shape together will result in your dish getting soggy and mushy, making it tougher to eat. Different pasta shapes hold different thicknesses of sauce better than others. The shape of pasta you pick will determine what sauces can go with it.

Cultural Differences

Did you know that different cultures around the world can affect what types of pasta are sold on the shelves? Especially in North America, this is apparent in grocery stores all over the continent. There’s a reason why you see bowtie pasta and ziti noodles across the isles in America; Americans prefer shapes that are familiar with their pasta. In Italy, on the other hand, they value experimentation and unique shapes far more. The varieties you can get in Italy are therefore much larger.

Flavor and Fillings

While most types of pasta out there don’t differ too much in base taste, there are a few of them that do. Some types of pasta are made with egg-based dough as opposed to regular pasta dough, which has a slight impact on the flavor. Others are made using strictly zucchini for a healthier kick. Tortellinis and raviolis are both considered types of pasta, and these can be filled with various meats and cheeses depending on what you’re in the mood for.

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