What’s The Best Sauce for Pasta?

Amongst the many staples that Italian cuisine has created over the years, pasta has to be the most versatile achievement by far. Not only does it have a variety of shapes, but the possibilities that you can make with pasta are endless. No two pasta dishes will look the same! Despite this, one thing that seems to be consistent throughout most pasta dishes is the usage of sauce. With so many different sauces to choose from, is there one that outrivals them all? We break down the most popular sauces below!

Alfredo Sauce

Unlike the other types of pasta sauces that are more tomato based, alfredo sauce takes a wildly different approach. It’s base is made with butter, cream and cheese, and many dishes made using it likely have alfredo in the name (ex. Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Alfredo, etc.). The main drawback of this sauce is that it’s really heavy! It’s also high in its calorie count, which could be a breaking point for those looking to eat healthier. It’s a fantastic option, but don’t make it a staple!

Marinara Sauce

This is probably the most common form of pasta sauce, and for good reason too! Marinara sauce is typically made using tomatoes, garlic and other seasonings. You’ll often see this in base lasagna dishes, spaghetti and meatballs, and other pasta staples. However, this is probably the most versatile pasta sauce that you can use. It works with pastas of all lengths and a majority of meats. If you can find the right brand, marinara sauce can be a game changer!

Pesto Sauce

Those looking for the healthiest pasta sauce they can find will be more than satisfied with pesto sauce. This sauce is typically made with basil, olive oil and various herbs and spices to bring variety to the dish. It’s much lighter than alfredo and even marinara sauce, but the only thing holding it back is how limited its use with pasta dishes is. You’ll have to have the right ingredients in your dish in order to make pesto sauce work, but if you do it will work wonders for your meal!

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