What makes Pasta di Gragnano special?

Pasta has always been our go-to-guys if we want to eat something good that is cheap and not too complicated to make. But sometimes, we want to level up our eating game and that leads to our food being costlier. Pasta di Gragnano is the best way to add a little sophistication in your meal.

Pasta di Gragnano, as the name suggests, came from a little territory in Italy called Gragnano. This place is known for producing the so-called world’s best pasta. But what does this type of pasta have that others don’t? The location is the first reason why this pasta is so delicious. The place where the wheat is grown and cultivated from has the perfect balance of air, sunlight, and humidity. With the process of mixing durum wheat with the calcium-poor water of Monti Lattari plus the carefully-developed process and the strict standard of production, pasta di Gragnano’s quality remains excellent. This long and traditional process results to the production of one of the world’s finest pastas.

In Trattoria Il Panino, we not only prepare your meals in a professional and exquisite manner but also use the highest quality of ingredients. Our pasta dishes are made to appeal to your palette and because of that, we only use pasta di Gragnano in all of them.

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