What Makes Gragnano Pasta so Special?

Gragnano is a small town located right off of the Amalfi coast. It is also known for having the best pasta in the world. Why? Because of its rich history with pasta. It’s known for its air-dried pasta which gets imported to our restaurants here in the North End of Boston. But what makes Gragnano pasta different from other types of pasta found here in the US? Trattoria Il Panino is here to discuss and lend our knowledge to you. 

The Pasta Factories

The pasta factories in Gragnano are the catalyst behind the hub of the best pasta in the world. During the 18th century, pasta factories opened up, creating a culture built around the production and distribution of pasta for families in Italy. This played the culture and quality of the pasta. With plenty of people working at the factories, the passion for pasta spread like wildfire. Eventually, other countries and their citizens heard about the quality, and it was exported for consumption. 

The Taste

The taste stems from the wheat that’s inside the pasta. The climate of Gragnano, wind, sun, and humidity allow the wheat to have a unique flavor that’s impossible to replicate elsewhere. It also needs to dry at low temperatures near or in Gragnano to label Gragnano pasta. The process mustn’t change as it’s been this way since the Kings ruled Italy. It has bronze dyes within the pasta and is considered more firm than it is any other texture, and uses durum wheat which has a higher protein content than regular wheat. 

Protective Geographical Indication

The pasta here is so renowned that the European Union labeled Gragnano pasta as a protected geographical indication, which goes above and beyond at protecting high-quality and craved agricultural products throughout Europe. It goes to show that the smallest towns can have the most considerable impact on the food industry. 

Gragnano Pasta In The North End

Luckily, your friends at Trattoria Il Panino have imported Gragnano Pasta with us at all times, so you’ll be able to see for yourself the difference between regular pasta and from Gragnano. If you are looking to book a reservation with us, click here. If you are curious about items on our menu or what we serve, give us a call. See you soon!