Tips On Making Great Calamari

Cooking a fantastic meal is harder than you think! In order to make sure that you have the best results, there are plenty of methods and safeguards to put in place. If you don’t know the insider tips on how to best make your favorite foods, you may not be too satisfied with the final product! If you’ve ever tried your hand at making calamari on your own, you’ll realize that there are plenty of ways to mess it up. We’ll help you prevent this unfortunate outcome with some of our best tips to cook your calamari the right way!

Invest in an Oil Thermometer

Cooking your calamari the right way is all about timing. If you’re planning on frying it in oil, this is easier said than done. You want to make sure that your oil is hot enough to successfully fry the calamari, but there aren’t many easy ways to measure its temperature. You can completely take the guesswork out of this process by investing in an oil thermometer. These oil thermometers are designed to withstand massive amounts of heat, which is perfect for determining the exact temperature of your oil. The less guesswork you have, the easier it will be!

Be Careful With The Rings’ Thickness

Preparing your calamari for frying is one of the most important steps in the process. Doing this step wrong can create a domino effect that leads to a less than successful final product! For the best results, you should cut your calamari rings into thin slices of thickness no more than a finger. If you cut them thicker than that, they won’t be able to cook as evenly, leading to uneven flavor distributions throughout your final set. You should make your rings uniform in thickness and length as well.

Serve Them Immediately

If you’re making the calamari for a big group, you may think that it’s a good idea to throw them in the freezer or leave them out if you finish early. The reality of the situation is that the longer you leave them out, the less flavorful they’ll be over time! The best calamari rings are always the ones that are served immediately after cooking. You’ll be able to get the full allotment of flavors if you do this.

Calamari at Trattoria Il Panino

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