Tips on Adding A Spicy Kick To Your Pasta Dish

The amazing thing about pasta dishes is that there aren’t many ways to do them wrong. As long as you know which meats and sauces work best with them, most of the creations you make will be extremely satisfying! Have you noticed that something may be missing from your pasta meals? Adding a bit of spice to a dish that otherwise lacked it is a great way to mix things up. Especially in the case of classic pasta recipes, there is always a way to add spiciness to them. If you’re looking to heat up your pasta dishes, consider adding spices to these recipes!

Macaroni Salad With Jalapenos

You probably weren’t expecting macaroni salad as one of the options to add spiciness too. You should take it as an appetizer of what’s to come – most notably because macaroni salad is usually an appetizer! Adding jalapenos and sriracha sauce to your macaroni salad meal will help to give it a burn you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

Anything With Arrabiata Sauce

There’s a pretty easy way to add spiciness to your pasta dish without going off the beaten path. Arrabiata sauce is a special sauce of Italian origin that is most noteworthy for having a notoriously spicy kick. You can add this sauce to any pasta dish (or even pizzas!) to make for a mouthwatering and eye-watering experience.

Penne alla Vodka with Pepper and Pepper Flakes

Much of what you can do regarding adding spiciness to a pasta dish will revolve around what you do to the sauce. Most pasta sauces – with the exception of arrabiata – aren’t designed to be super spicy. In recipes like these, it’s a good practice to add your own! This standard penne alla vodka dish uses both pepper flakes and pepper to make the dish red hot.

Shrimp Scampi with Green Peppers and Pepper Flakes

Variations of classic pasta dishes don’t just change the flavor profile of what you eat, but the spiciness of it too! Shrimp scampi is another classic example of this trait. This recipe adds both crushed green peppers and pepper flakes to the dish to make it red-hot. It is a combination of what we’ve already mentioned – manipulating the sauce for your enjoyment and adding other spicy ingredients!

Italian Cuisine At Trattoria Il Panino

If you want to add spiciness to traditional pasta recipes, we have plenty of good options at Trattoria Il Panino! Arrabiata sauce is something that we specialize in, and we’ll have that as a part of our house of homemade pasta dishes. When you dine with us, you’ll get an Italian experience like no other; make a reservation today and see what we mean!