The Most Famous Italian Cocktails

Would we have an entire menu section dedicated to wine and cocktails if they weren’t such a huge staple in Italy? Over the years, the country of Italy has produced some of the world’s most beloved cocktails. Some are variations on other recipes, while others revolutionized the game with new approaches. With so many different noteworthy cocktails out there, which ones are the most popular around the world? We give you a guide to the most famous Italian cocktails below!


Despite its name suggesting evidence to the contrary, the Americano is actually a popular Italian cocktail! It’s main components are campari and vermouth, mixed with a dash of club soda and garnished with a single orange slice. This is perhaps one of the oldest Italian cocktails on record, with evidence of preliminary versions being sold in Italy as early as the 1860s!


The bellini is often considered to be Italy’s answer to the classic mimosa cocktail, and they do a very good job of it! Instead of orange juice and vodka, the bellini switches out both ingredients for peach juice and prosecco. It’s also considered to be more of a brunch cocktail than a breakfast one. If mimosas are the international breakfast cocktail, bellini’s are the brunch one!


If you thought the bellini was a great mid-day cocktail, the rossini is an equally good alternative! The rossini is a slight variation of the bellini cocktail, switching out the peach juice for strawberry purée. If you aren’t a big fan of peaches, the rossini is another popular brunch cocktail around the globe.


Would it be a famous cocktail list without the crowning jewel of Italian cocktails? You can make the argument that James Bond has contributed a lot to that success over the years, but martinis are a staple at bars across the world. Take a little bit of gin and vermouth and a green olive and you’ll have one of the most famous cocktails in the world. In fact, this recipe is so famous that there have been tons of variations of it over the years!

Italian Cocktails at Trattoria Il Panino

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