Summer Date Ideas in Boston

Looking for a summer date idea that isn’t overdone? We’ve compiled a list of awesome dates for you and your significant other to try out below!

Watch an Outdoor Movie

Time to set up the pillows and blankets in the back of your car, you’re going to the drive-in! Is there anything more classic than a drive-in movie date? Take advantage of the cooler summer nights to cuddle up next to your date! Don’t forget to bring the works; popcorn, candy, and maybe even some covert wine. If you live in a bigger city, there are often outdoor movie screenings in parks or public areas already, so pick your favorite and head over!

Go to an Outdoor Concert

Grab your tickets and your partner and go to an outdoor concert this summer! Whether it’s country music or a full-on music festival, summer is the perfect time to attend an outdoor concert with your date! The warm weather is the best for listening and swaying along to the music, and you might even get to tailgate the concert beforehand. Make sure to snap some pictures of your unforgettable night!

Go Fruit Picking

As everyone knows, summer is peak fruit season. Save your apple picking for the fall and go to a local farm for fields of fresh produce! You can pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more! No farms near you? You could also go to a local farmer’s market and wander around. Pick a few, eat a few! You and your date will have a relaxing day in the countryside with the added bonus of fresh fruits to show for it!

Daycation at a Vineyard or a Beer Garden

Are you and your partner into wines or craft beers? This is the perfect date for you! Enjoy being outside with a glass of wine in hand at a scenic winery. You and your date are guaranteed to have a blast. Discover your new favorite bottle to share with your partner! Are you a fan of beer, pretzels, sausages, or any other tasty beer hall snacks? A local brewery might be the best place to hang out and enjoy your date’s company. If tasting flights is on the list, a beer garden is a place for you!

Watch a Sunset (or Sunrise!)

This is the perfect date idea for those of you who want something relaxing and romantic. Set up a beach picnic for your date and they’re guaranteed to love it. You can go as sophisticated as you want: make the spread full of cheeses, jams, fruits, bread, and wine, or you can go with sandwiches, chips, and sodas. Either way, you can watch the sunset from anywhere you live and have a great time.

Go Mini-Golfing

Warm weather calls for a mini-golf and ice cream date. Time travel back to your youth and play a round of putt-putt at your favorite mini-golf spot. Stop at your favorite ice cream shop on the way home, and you can call that date a success!

Classic Wine and Dine

If it all comes down to it, nothing can beat a classic dinner with a glass of wine. It’s always a good time where you can eat good food and converse with your significant other while being immersed in a romantic setting.