Pasta Recipes You’ll Love For a Weekend of Social Distancing

So much is being lost with each passing day throughout this pandemic, sometimes it feels like money, freedom, time and, lives are just slipping away but at least we have pasta! Italians do it best in the kitchen! Pasta is the perfect meal for any hardship. Pasta is easy to cook, the noodles are long-lasting, and you have a plethora of options on how to cook and dress it. We all miss the chefs at Trattoria Il Panino, especially their pasta so here is a way to get that taste again.

Cacio o Pepe

This is the easiest dinner you could possibly make. This recipe is the embodiment of three-ingredient perfection! Fresh eggs, fresh pasta, and Parmigiano cheese turns this pasta dish into a gourmet treat. The creamy delight of a sauce comes together so easily and makes for the perfect night in. And so simple to throw together.


Ravioli di Ricotta

Making ravioli in your home kitchen is a task for social distancing. Now is the time to make something unusual.  Get in your kitchen and roll out beautiful little portions of ravioli using a rolling pin, stuff with ricotta cheese and a fork to close the edges served with San Marzano sauce.


Ziti alla Amatriciana

This ziti is extra in every single way. There’s Italian pancetta and there are onions. There’s mozzarella and top it off with Parmesan. The San Marzano tomato sauce so delicious, you might be tempted to eat it on its own. Pay attention when layering!


Penne Puttanesca

Between the tomato, capers, anchioves and olives, this pasta packs a hearty healthy meal — it’s a bright dish to remind us all of nearing summer.  Want some heat? Add crushed red pepper to get a hint of heat.


Mom’s Lasagna della Casa

This lasagna will have you coming to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simplify it by combining all the components of your favorite sauces and meats for a delicious dish.


As we all stay at home lessening the curve. Pasta of shapes like Tagliolini, Spaghetti,  and Gnocchi but everyone’s favorite food. Celebrate noodles in all their glory and stay inside! You will be back to eating our pasta soon enough.