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Several people clink glasses of champagne together in a toast

How Is Champagne Made?

Champagne has long been synonymous with celebrations and moments of elegance. Yet, behind its effervescent charm lies a fascinating and meticulous production process that has

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A bottle of wine with the corkscrew and cork slightly sticking out of it

Italian Wine vs. French Wine

Winemaking is a practice that dates back centuries and has evolved significantly over the time period that it’s been around. Different countries around the world

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A black plate with tortellini and tomato sauce on top

Tortelloni vs. Tortellini

Tortelloni and tortellini are both delicious stuffed pastas. While they might seem similar to each other, they are actually different types of kinds of pasta

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A top down view of a bowl of puttanesca sauce in a pan

All About Puttanesca Sauce

In order to create the perfect Italian meal, you’ll need to know how to blend the different ingredients together seamlessly. Decades of experimentation have led

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A pitcher of red sangria with two full wine glasses in front of it. They rest on a wood table

Red vs. White Sangria

Sangria has always been the perfect alcoholic drink for a picnic or party. However, this refreshing cocktail has two varieties, which are red and white

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A closeup of an escarole plant growing in a garden

What Is Escarole?

When it comes to leafy greens, spinach and kale often steal the spotlight, leaving a lesser-known superstar in the shadows. Escarole, a vibrant and nutrient-packed

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