Pairing Wine with Pasta Dishes

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Pairing Wine with Pasta Dishes

Wine and pasta go hand-in-hand. When you’re eating a creamy pasta dish, you certainly don’t want to overdue it with a heavy beer or cocktail. Wine complements the taste of a delicious Italian dish, whether it’s tomato-based, oil based or a cheesy sauce.

Wine & Sauces

Tomato-based pasta sauces: Dry, white wines are perfect for tomato-based pasta dishes. Opt for Pinot Grigio or Verdicchio. If there’s garlic in the dish, you’ll want Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo. Pinot Noir is surprisingly another amazing selection, although it’s a red wine.

Creamy pasta sauces: Fortunately, Pinot Noir is quite versatile, so the fruitier versions of this works well with cream-based sauces. When it comes to creamy pasta sauces, such as alfredo, you’ll want a brash wine that is completely refreshing and light. Chardonnay and Riesling are excellent choices because the citrus cuts through the richness of the creamy sauce.

Pesto sauces: Made with basil, pine nuts or walnuts, and then blended with olive oil, pesto packs in a lot of flavor. While you may think white wine may not be the best choice, pesto sauces have a delicate flavor so a crisp wine actually works perfectly. To cut through the earthy tones, sip on Cinque Terre with your next pesto pasta dish.

Cheese sauces: Risotto is a classic, cheesy Italian dish but due to the creamy, cheesy flavors, it can be quite challenging to find the right wine. Sauvignon Blanc is the number one choice to have with risottos because it can handle the oils and it complements the tangy undertones. Other wines to pair with risotto or cheesy pasta dishes include White Zinfandel and Chablis.

Wine & Traditional Italian Dishes

Chicken and Eggplant Parmigiana: These Italian dishes are the ultimate comfort food and whether you’re eating this Italian cuisine at home or at a restaurant, you’ll want to make sure you find the right wine. You will want to go with a light and fruity white wine that’s also a bit dry. You can also work in red wines such as Barbera and Pino Noir. Some other great wines include Sangiovese, Chablis and White Zinfandel.

Lasagna: Featuring creamy cheese, Tuscan herbs and tomato sauce, lasagna encompasses elements that work with both red and white wines. Many believe the rich flavors of lasagna go beautifully with red wines such as Italian Chiantis and merlots. If you want white wine, make sure you are drinking a dry wine with lasagna. Pinot Grigio is a common choice followed by a dry Chardonnay.



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