Most Popular Liqueur

When you think of enjoying a mixed drink your mind likely goes to types of liquor like vodka, rum, or even gin. However, the liqueur is a type of alcohol that puts a spin on the world of mixed drinks. Liqueur refers to a type of alcoholic beverage that’s sweetened and flavored with flowers, nuts, herbs, spices, and more! If you want to expand your liqueur catalog, give these popular choices a chance! 

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream is the perfect liqueur to enjoy on a chilly winter night. Mix some into a mug of hot chocolate to enjoy a creamy and delicious drink that warms from the inside out. With Irish whiskey and cream in the liqueur and the cocoa in the hot chocolate, these tastes pair effortlessly. 


Campari is a liqueur most commonly enjoyed in a Negroni, although it’s great on the rocks too! With a dark red color and a unique taste of herbs and fruit, there’s truly nothing else like this liqueur. 


Kahlua is an extremely popular liqueur choice to order at a bar. This coffee-based drink is most commonly used to make black and white Russians, but the number of creative recipes that call for it is too high to count! 


Sambuca is a type of liqueur with strong Italian roots. Most commonly enjoyed after a meal is finished, this colorless liqueur has flavors of licorice and anise. Sambuca is very strong so it’s not suitable for new liqueur tasters! After dinner sambuca is typically put in a glass with fresh coffee beans and sipped over ice. 

St. Germain 

This liqueur comes with a much more subtle flavor than the others on the list. The notes that do come through are a sweet and floral mixture that mixes well with other types of liquor like vodka and rum. If you’re looking for something that’s not so strong, try pairing St. Germain with a glass of champagne for an elegant and delicious combo. 

Sticking to liquor and never expanding your palette to the world of liqueur is a mistake! You could be missing out on some decadent and sweet flavors that make drinking even more enjoyable. Next time you’re ordering a drink, give one of these liqueur-based combinations a try or enjoy it on the rocks to really appreciate the taste! After all, who doesn’t want to improve the drinks they already know and love?