Meals You Can Make Using Flour

March is National Flour Month. Meals that can be made with flour are limited only by the chef’s or baker’s creativity and access to ingredients! Flour is made by simply grinding down grains into powder. This labor-intensive process is mechanical now, so very few modern-day shoppers know what it’s like to make flour from grain rather than buying a package of flour from the grocery store.

And while the thought of celebrating flour might not be very exciting at first, it is an ingredient anyone can appreciate as soon as the thought of flour not being readily available conjures visions of life without breads, pastas, crackers, breading for meats, toasts, and many more satisfying meals with the carbohydrates necessary to stave off hunger and fuel daily activity. Bread and other baked goods made with flour can provide a great deal of energy to sustain exercise and activity for several hours between meals.

When envisioning life without modern day flour that is affordable, readily available, clean and consistent… A world with no bread, no pasta, no noodles, no breading… Three cheers for flour it is!

Why is Flour So Good?

Imagining life with flour is much more pleasant. So, to begin, perhaps the simplest food that can be prepared with flour is a simple batch of pasta, requiring just flour and water. This simple recipe originated thousands of years ago in Ancient China. In fact, it is also National Noodle Month, and the National Pasta Association is celebrating noodles at the same time the world is invited to celebrate flour.

Next, another food to envision with flour is bread. Like noodles, using yeast and flour to create pieces of bread is a tradition dating back thousands of years as well. Modern-day food culture nearly worldwide has, at its core, some form of staple that is bread or made with bread. From cheeseburgers on a bun to salads with croutons- which are essentially dried and toasted pieces of seasoned bread- the American diet is always incorporating slices of bread across the spectrum of delicious flavors and healthy selections.

Another very popular modern food made with flour is breaded chicken. Breading is used to add a flavorful, comforting coating to various meats, vegetables, and even potatoes. From the exceedingly popular dish of fried chicken or chicken nuggets to their counterpart, French fries, countless entrees and sides are coated in flour and seasoning before being baked or fried. Once combined with various sauces and seasonings, simple cuts of chicken or slices of potatoes become flavorful comfort foods, people of all ages request, again and again.

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