Meals For Socially Distant Semester

College isn’t the same this year. Coronavirus restrictions made a permanent challenge for college life as we know it. College is full of emotion; the excitement of the feeling of what’s next never stops. College is all about having friends and bonding with your friends. Although college is filled with non-stop struggles and unpredictable situations, college during a pandemic brings even more problems. Your dining hall isn’t the safest place to eat, especially during this pandemic! Do you miss your dining hall meals? Ditch the bland cafeteria food and try to make your own! Get out your hot plates, rice cookers, or crock pots! We’re here to help, ditch the ramen noodles and stick with recipes from Trattoria Il Panino! 


Cacio o Pepe

Are you looking for classic cooking inspiration? You’re in the right place! Cacio o Pepe is a traditional dish that is made from just three ingredients. Impress your roomies with this simple but elegant dish! All you need is fresh cacio, Parmigiano cheese, and cracked black pepper. Keep this dish in your back pocket because this is the easiest dinner you’ll ever make. It doesn’t get easier than three ingredients! Want to spice it up? Add some crushed red pepper for a small kick!

Penne al Pomodoro


Ditch the barilla sauce or ragu and bring on the real deal! Sauce from the can might have been the way for you before but try a new avenue! After all, you can make the sauce during Zoom school! The best way of enjoying San Marzano tomatoes is in homemade Pomodoro sauce. Penne is a classic pasta recipe great for weeknights, that makes even better leftovers. 


Mozzarella Caprese


The perfect dish for a lazy night of not wanting to cook! Lazy nights don’t mean you have to punish yourself with quick microwavable meals. Tomato and mozzarella brings back the memories of summertime in the comfort of your autumn home. The secret to this dish is a perfect combination of mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. This dish is a gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly dish! 


Shrimp al Limoncello


Yes, you read correctly, Limoncello. Your go-to drink for a smooth, lemony flavor that pairs well with shrimp. Looking for a tangy burst of flavor to make studying just a little better? Use jumbo shrimp to complete the dish as you enjoy garlic and olive oil scented with limoncello liqueur. 


If cooking isn’t your favorite, but you want to enjoy quality meals this semester, come on down to the North End. Let loose this semester and treat yourself to a meal outside or indoor dining with Trattoria Il Panino.