Italian Cuisine Vocab 107

The world of Italian cuisine vocabulary is far more vast and complex than you might realize! There are plenty of words to describe different foods, different styles of cooking, and even different parts of the meal. In previous instances of our lessons in Italian cuisine vocabulary, we’ve focused on words that are exclusive to our restaurant’s menu. But, what about those words that aren’t present? It’s still important to know what these words mean, which is what we’ll break down for you below!

Nocciola and Gianduja

One of the most important things you can ask at a restaurant – regardless of what country it is – is if any of the meals on the menu are going to be an issue for people with food allergies. This is why it’s important to know the words and phrases associated with those foods that could be problematic. If you’re allergic to nuts, these two words should be red flags for you! Nocciola is the Italian word for hazelnut, and gianduja is the word for chocolate hazelnut. If you see either of these on an Italian menu, it’s a good sign that the dish isn’t for you!


There aren’t a ton of words in Italian cuisine vocabulary that describe an ingredient that’s particularly unique. When it comes to bruscandoli, however, this term breaks that norm! Bruscandoli is a term used to describe a vegetable known as a hop shoot. Not only is this vegetable a critical component of brewing beer, but you can eat them in a variety of leafy green dishes as well! Think of them as a milder version of a green bean. They have similar applications to a green bean, which make them a great choice for those needing to get their vegetables in.

Fuori Stagione

You know how some foods – especially organically grown ones – taste better during certain seasons of the year rather than others? They can make or break the quality of a dish, so it’s important to know the difference! You may see something on a menu referred to as “fuori stagione”. If you see this, steer clear of it! This is the term used to describe foods that are out of season. If you see something labeled as “di stagione”, however, that means the food is in-season!

The Italian Experience at Trattoria Il Panino

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