Italian Cuisine Vocab 106

Have you ever tried your hand at learning what all of the words in Italian cuisine represent? You’ll find that it’s a lot harder than it looks! If you’ve read any of our previous Italian cuisine vocabulary blogs before, you’ll likely have a decent understanding of what certain words mean in Italian. However, you’ve barely scratched the surface of all there is to know about Italian cuisine! We break down some new vocabulary words for you to use at your next Italian restaurant outing below!


If you’ve ever looked on an Italian restaurant menu before, you’ll likely have heard of the dish called beef carpaccio. If you’re familiar with our appetizer menu, you should have a solid understanding of what bresaola actually means! Bresaola is a type of beef that is air dried, salted, and aged until it turns dark red. Despite the preparation process, bresaola is very tender and sweet!


Spaghetti is a type of pasta that has surprisingly more variations than you might think! One of the most popular types is spaghettini, which are smaller and thinner noodles that are more delicate. Chittarine follows a similar formula to its counterpart, with the only difference being that the spaghetti is square shaped while spaghettini has a more traditional circular shape. It’s used in a variety of pasta dishes that pair with the traditional meatballs!


You’re going to be learning about a lot of lesser known types of pasta in this course, and this one may be one of the most unique! Garganelli pasta is a type of pasta made from eggs. They start out as noodles that are flat and square shaped, but they get their true shape by being rolled and flattened until they achieve a more cylindrical shape. Egg-based pasta is a healthy alternative – try it for yourself!


In Italian, this word might sound confusing and complex at first. However, it actually couldn’t be similar! Tartufate quite literally translates to truffle in English, which means that any recipes with Tartufate at the end will usually incorporate some sort of truffles into the dish. The recipe may even be designed to be truffle-like, which still counts as Tartufate!

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