Italian Cuisine Vocab 102

Welcome Trattoria Il Panino customers to the second part of our lesson. Trattoria Il Panino last month came out with Italian Cusine Vocab 101. This is a way for us to bring our customers friendly cuisine learning content to have a better understanding of the dishes we serve. We believe the barrier between languages can often result in people not trying new foods they may have loved. Our vocabulary blogs break down that barrier so you can treat your stomach to fresh foods! 


Many customers are aware of bolognese, but for those of you who aren’t, it’s a sauce put on pasta that has petite tomatoes and is considered an Italian Meat sauce filled with spices. Bolognese goes excellent with spaghetti and is a good switch up from your traditional red sauce. It’s also a better source of protein. 

Fruitti Di Mare

Here’s another vocabulary word that comes up frequently in the North End. Fruitti Di Mare means “shellfish” Plenty of times, this dish comes with spaghetti sauce and pasta, making it a dream come true for pasta and fish lovers who love the hint of Italian. At Trattoria Il Panino, we offer a Paccheri Il Frutti Mare, Neapolitan pasta with assorted shellfish. 


Gnocchi has developed an almost cult-like following here in Boston. It is a type of pasta that is dumpling-shaped and stuffed with potato. Gnocchi is very filling, more than a typical pasta, and goes great with red or vodka sauce. At Trattoria, we offer Gnocchi alla Sorrentina which is our buttery gnocchi with mozzarella and basil. Come in and give it a try! 


An Italian Veneto sausage filled with spices, salt, and pepper. This type of salami is spicy and has a salty aftertaste. This is commonly found with Italian antipasto or at delis in the North End (cue checking out Bricco Salumeria)

Trattoria Il Panino

We are located in the North End to serve excellent food, drinks, and memories to you and your family and friends. We hope our small and straightforward vocabulary lessons will make ordering new things as seamlessly as possible! Everyone has been intimidated by words they don’t know. If you want to book a reservation to Trattoria Il Panino, click here. For questions about our menu, give us a call.