Italian Cuisine Vocab 101

You’ve fallen in love with Italian food here in Boston. We get it. We all did too. We’re happy you joined the club, and we are even more delighted to teach you about Italian cuisine vocab. Enjoying foods different from what you’re used to can be difficult because you may read words on restaurants’ menus that you don’t know their meaning. This leads to people being hesitant and not stepping out of their comfort zone for new foods. 


You will see this word at every Italian restaurant that you go to. It simply means the first course of food during an Italian meal. Famous antipasti include; Meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, and more. They are usually very colorful and set the mood for the atmosphere. A strong antipasto should not fill you up but should pair well with the food that’s yet to come. Next time you’re out, get an antipasto and let us know your review. 


Another important word that’s filled on menus, this word means “cheese.” so if you are a lover of cheese and enjoy different types of it, look for this word. Frequently, Quattro Formaggio Pizza is found at Italian Restaurants. This is a cheese using four unique kinds of cheese that pair well and create a cheese lover’s dream in pizza form. 

Rosso/Bianco (Wine)

I am calling all wine lovers! This one for you. Red is simply Rosso, and white is Bianco. Italian wine is a delicacy and goes great with Italian food. Look for these words on the menu to distinguish which wines are, and don’t forget that “vino della casa” means house wine.

Dolce, Dolce, Dolce

Our absolute favorite. Dessert. If you have a sweet tooth and some extra room in your stomach after a glorious Italian meal, check out the dolce section of the menu. Experience Tiramisu, gelato, chocolate cake, and so forth. Each Italian Restaurant has unique desserts that are homemade and carry Italian culture with them. 

Trattoria Il Panino

We hope you enjoyed your first vocabulary lesson about Italian Cuisine. Although there’s too much to cover in one blog, we will rebound with a second one. We hope you’ll recognize these five words across menus wherever you travel. Don’t forget to book with us here, Ciao Bella!