How To Pair Italian Food and Wine

Wine is an extremely popular drink in Italy so it only makes sense that it goes so well with Italian food. Many Italians serve wine with both lunch and dinner and here at Trattoria II Panino, we sure do too! With all the different types of flavorful wine out there, it’s easy to find the perfect pairing that compliments an Italian meal extremely well. Here are some recommended food-wine pairings that you should keep in mind during your next visit at Trattoria II Panino or if you’re cooking Italian at home! 


Chardonnay & Ravioli 

Chardonnay is usually known for its dry and light taste. Chardonnays flavors range from apple and lemon to pineapple and papaya. It can also have a vanilla flavor when its paired with oak. These flavors are known to go well with creamy pasta dishes which is why we suggest pairing your favorite chardonnay with our Ravioli di Ricotta. Our Ravioli di Ricotta is a basic yet delicious ravioli dish. The soft ricotta cheese and simple tomato sauce would pair perfectly with any of our dry chardonnays. 


Pinot Grigio and Pesto

Pinot Grigio is known for its robust yet simple flavor. It is a light wine that is known to pair very well with pesto. Because of this we recommend our Trombetta al Pesto dish. This dish is comprised of pasta, fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmigiano, and of course pesto sauce. Visit Trattoria II Panino today and enjoy a delicious glass of pinot grigio with our classic pesto pasta dish. 


Dolcetto and Chicken

Dolcetto is a light-bodied red wine that is known for its black cherry and licorice taste with some prune flavors and an almond finish that gives the wine a bitter taste. Light-bodied red wines like Dolcetto go great with chicken or light meat dishes. We suggest pairing a glass of dolcetto with our Pollo alla Valdostana. This dish is a bone in chicken breast stuffed with spinach, Fontina crudo, prosciutto, and topped with a white mushroom sauce. The light flavors of this dish will compliment your glass of Dolcetto immensely! 


Merlot and Steak

The characteristics of merlot includes red fruits, easy tannins, and a soft finish. Most merlot’s are medium-bodied red wines and pair well with meats like beef, pork, duck, etc. This is why we recommend pairing merlot with our delicious Bistecca. Our bistecca is a rib eye steak grilled to absolute perfection and served with hand cut Italian fries. You can’t go wrong with a tender, juicy steak and a glass of merlot! 


Visit Trattoria II Panino

At Trattoria II Panino you can find an extensive selection of wines that pair greatly with any meal you decide to order. Our wait staff will assist you on finding the perfect wine-food combination so that you are completely satisfied with both your meal and choice of wine. Trattoria II Panino is located on Parmenter Street in the North End of Boston. We’re open 7 days a week, come visit us!