How to Make A Perfect Puttanesca Sauce

Puttanesca sauce is one of our favorite sauces at Trattoria. It is the perfect sauce for a date in the North End or a lunch with work friends. A fun historical fact is Puttanesca sauce was created only 60-70 years ago in Naples, Italy, during World War 2. Puttanesca translates to “Lady of The Night,” adding a mysterious edge to the young sauce. Now that the holiday season is wrapping up, we can ditch some of the traditional comfort foods and get back to our favorite pasta and wine combos. 

The Sauce of Spice

 There is no denying that many people would say that Puttanesca has a unique spice. Naturally, when pairing anchovies with red pepper flakes and capers and olives, you’re going to get spice and taste different from traditional pasta sauces. Don’t look in horror when you say “Woah” due to its kick. The pasta was meant to be spicy.

The Recipe

Let’s get started. You’ll need your favorite pasta, ½ of olive oil, ½ of onion, diced, six cloves of garlic, 2 ounces of salted anchovies, oregano, ½ of crushed red pepper, a few capers, mix in a little white wine and some basil to end it. Puttanesca goes well with most pasta. Two of the most popular pairings are Penne and Spaghetti. The anchovies are a significant key to this recipe. They are shockingly good for the body, as they have heart-healthy fats that act as natural blood thinners. Anchovies are also a serious flavor booster and are cooked in the pasta, so you don’t need to worry about the texture. The dish is colorful and makes a satisfying sauce for someone looking to add a new trick up their sleeve for cooking Italian.

Enjoying Puttanesca

This is a relatively light sauce and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. It best pairs with a southern Italy red wine. The mixture of garlic with anchovies is mouth-watering and packed with flavor, but can leave a not so pleasant smell to the mouth, so make sure you have mints for afterward. 

There you have it, a history lesson of the inception of our beloved sauce, and a simple recipe to add to your back pocket. Puttanesca sauce is one of the many excellent Italian sauces that we offer at Trattoria Il Panino. Enjoy your Penne Puttanesca while overlooking the historic North End in Boston.

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