How To Determine Your Spice Tolerance

The world of spicy food is an inviting one that spans across many different types of cuisines – that is, if you can handle them! Spice tolerance can vary from person to person. Some people are adept at handling the heat, while others are exactly the opposite! If you haven’t given much thought to spicy food and want to give it a try, it helps to know where you fall on the scale. So, how do you gauge your spice tolerance level so you don’t overdo it when you give it a try? We give you our best tips for navigating this issue below!

Ask Your Family Members

Did you know that your family can tell you a lot about your spice tolerance? There have been several studies that have linked a person’s disposition to spicy foods to how their family members handle it. You’re more likely to adopt the tolerance of your parents and siblings than you are to anyone else! Ask your family members about their tolerance to spicy food. Their answers should give you a good idea of your own levels! However, genetics aren’t the only factor that plays a role in spice tolerance.

Start Small

When you’re testing out your spice tolerance, you don’t want to immediately start off with ghost peppers! Having more than you can handle without realizing it will be detrimental to your will to try spicy food in the future. Tolerance to spicy food can be built up over time, however. In order to get there, you have to start small and work your way up to spicier items. Did you feel like the first foods you had weren’t spicy enough? That means that you’re in the clear to move up! Be careful with how much you are willing to tolerate, however.

Have Milk and Bread on Standby

There may come a point in your spice-testing experiments that you end up punching above your weight. The feeling can come on strong, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the resources to deal with it! The best things that you can have on standby are milk and bread. Dairy products like this can absorb the molecules that give spicy food its potential, which in turn will help to numb the effects on your body. Bread has a similar purpose – you can never have too much of either on hand!

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