History of Rosé

When people think of wine, red and white wines are the most popular choice that come to mind. However, it can’t be denied that rosé has been a staple of wine for many generations. Believe it or not, the history of rosé actually dates back to ancient times! There’s a lot to learn about one of the most underrated wines on the market. Read on to discover how rosé came to be – and other interesting facts about the beverage!

The Origins of Rosé

The only thing that we can be certain about as far as the origins of rosé is where exactly it was first made. It actually dates all the way back to the times of Ancient Greece! Unfortunately, the certainties about rosé’s origins end there. The reasons for its creation are hotly debated. Some believe that the ancient Greeks thought it was more civilized to dilute wine, thinking that only savages drank pure wine. Others think that it was created by accident, as the ancient Greeks only produced red wine. People also believe that they diluted wine simply to prevent fights!

The Shifting Public Opinion

Believe it or not, rosé didn’t get the true fame that it has now until recently in history! While it became popular in France and areas of the Mediterranean after the time of the Greeks, rosé was actually considered to be widely unpopular. A lot of people thought that rosé wasn’t “real wine”, and that sentiment came around for a couple of reasons. It was a common myth that rosé was made from rotten grapes that couldn’t be used in red wines. Many other people thought the wines were too sweet, which created a negative impression of them in parts of the world. It didn’t start to really gain traction until the 2000s!

“Blush” Wine

In the United States, rosé was actually a bit of an accident! The demand for white wine was so high that people started making them from red grapes, using a method that concentrates their color. The rosé we know and love today evolved from this form of winemaking. There are a lot of great inventions that were made by accident, and this appears to be one of them!

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