Festival Season in Boston’s North End

Home to a very close community, Boston’s historic North End is a popular tourist location. But what brings people together with the most? The cuisine! Hence, it is no surprise that the area has its fair share of festivals that put a heavy emphasis on the food served. August and early September are referred to as the festival season in the North End due to the high number of festivals so close together. Here’s a list of the most important festival you do not want to miss!

Feast of Madonna Della Cava

The feast goes all the way back to the early 13th century when a young boy in Sicilia said he was visited in his dreams by Madonna Della Cava. On top of this and other miracles, Sicilians celebrated her name. Since the North End is mainly composed of Italian families, the tradition is continued and is celebrated each year. The festival runs through the August 9th – 11th on Hanover and Battery Streets.

The Fisherman’s Feast

Considered as the oldest feast in the North End area. This year, the feast is celebrated for the 109th time. You can find the festival along Fleet, Lewis, and North streets on August 15th and the 16th. What makes this feast unique is how It honors the volunteers who carried the statue in 1503.

Feast of Saint Lucia

Endicott, Thatcher, and Margin streets are filled with the guest on August 22nd and 23rd. Saint Lucia is remembered for her unwavering faith and strength throughout history. The celebration usually includes a statue of Saint Lucy being carried through the streets during the festival while guests enjoy food, dancing, and tasting tents from different vendors.

Saint Anthony’s Feast

The feast of Saint Anthony is celebrated from August 22nd until the 25th. This year, the feast is celebrating its 100th year that this festival has taken place, so you better expect it to be more exciting than normal!

San Gennaro Feast

On September 13th – 15th, the entire Hanover and Battery streets will be used to host the San Gennaro Feast. This festival has only happened one other time in 2018, so we pretty much do not know what to expect for this year!