Dishes Perfect For The Ultimate Pasta Lover

Are you a real lover or an impasta? Do you have a serious love for pasta? We know its the best food in the world. There are so many different styles, sauces, and variations that it is hard to not love pasta. True pasta addicts have mastered the swirling techniques to get the perfect bite of pasta every time, without getting it all over your face. If you are truly a pasta lover Trattoria Il Panino is the place to get your plate of pasta. 


Cacio o Pepe


Let’s get it traditional! Let’s make your life more delicious! Cacio e pepe means “cheese and pepper” in Italian. These dishes have been a staple in the Italian culture with its Parmigiano cheese and loads of freshly-cracked black pepper. We serve ours with fresh cacio,Parmigiano cheese with cracked black pepper.

Tortelli Panna e Prosciutto


Tortellini with cream and ham is one of the small joys of life. Everyone always likes Tortelli! We use large homemade tortellini with ham and cream.


Penne Arrabbiata


It’s an easy dish to win anyone’s heart when the dish is composed of pasta and a spicy tomato sauce.Arrabbiata means “angry” in Italian, because the sauce in this dish is supposed to be “angry” since the sauce is spicy. This spicy Italian sauce is simple and elegant. The fresh flavors mixed in with it–the fresh basil and parmesan.


Paccheri al Ragú


What is Sunday dinner without a Neapolitan ragù. The Neapolitans’ ragù is a majestic dish all their own. Signature Neapolitan rigatoni,slow-cooked lamb, beef, veal and pork ragú.  Just like your usual Sunday dinner at home!


Ravioli Porcini


The simple, intense mushroom sauce is something every pasta lover needs in their life! The mushroom flavor is over the top and it has such a woodsy flavor that these ravioli are the perfect pasta dish, especially in the fall. All you need to serve them is wild mushrooms and black truffle cream.


Nothing is better than when your pasta arrives steaming hot. The feeling is probably close to what heaven is like because pasta is heavenly. After pasta with us you’ll crave our pasta 24/7. Happy, sad, stressed, angry, excited, Trattoria Il Panino pasta will be there to make it all better.