Crudo vs. Cotto

There are some cuisines out there where the knowledge surrounding it is endless. When it comes to the world of Italian cuisine, there’s something new to learn every day! One look at our menu will bring about a host of new words that you may not have heard of before. We’ve gone over many of these words in our Italian cuisine vocabulary pieces extensively, but there’s always room to learn more. This is especially the case when it comes to crudo vs. cotto foods. What are the main differences between crudo and cotto? We break down these two Italian terms below!

The Definition of Crudo

If you’ve ever dined out at a seafood restaurant before, you’re likely very familiar with what crudo entails! Crudo foods are basically foods that are prepared raw. Because there are so many foods that aren’t safe to eat this way, the list of those that you can prepare this way is pretty limited. Seafood like clams, oysters, and salmon are all very popular foods to eat crudo style. Italian ham, or prosciutto, is also good meat to prepare crudo. While it’s a very limited form of cuisine, it’s a tasty one nonetheless!

The Definition of Cotto

The definition of cotto should be obvious to anyone who has studied Italian cuisine extensively. It’s a word that pops up in many other Italian dishes that you may not have even realized! Great examples of this are lamb scottadito and panna cotta. Cotta roughly translates to “cooked” in English, so cotto foods are simply foods that are cooked. Prosciutto, a type of ham that is normally eaten raw, also applies to this group. Cotto foods employ a variety of cooking methods to give them their definition.

Preparation Styles

The difference between preparing crudo foods and cotto foods should be obvious on the surface, but there are some other aspects that set these two types apart. Crudo foods, especially types of meat, are usually cured and aged to both preserve their flavor and make the meat last longer. Cotto foods don’t have to be restricted to one specific style of cooking; methods like braising, searing, and broiling all fall under this category. 

Crudo and Cotto Delights at Trattoria Il Panino

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