Cocktail Trends to Watch Out For

Year after year people continues to consume alcohol in staggeringly high numbers. One of the most common choices among consumers is a good cocktail crafted by an expert bartender. While traditional cocktails still have a place on the menu, 2019 is expected to bring many notable changes to the world of cocktails.


While cocktails are popular, so are mocktails! Many bars and restaurants have begun adding a much larger variety of mocktails to their menu. In 2019 mocktails are becoming more intricate than ever before. With more extended and more creative ingredient lists, some that even include fermented beverages with no alcohol content, the taste of the mocktail is reaching new heights.

Sustainable Drinking

The younger crowd has become increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment, and their cocktail choices are no exception to that. Many bars have begun catering to this concern by serving room temperature cocktails and cocktails that only feature edible garnishes, rather than throw-away paper umbrellas. This may take some getting used to for the older generation, but it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and put sustainability first on the menu!

Surprising Combos

2019 is the year of trying new things for many bartenders. Be prepared to receive a cocktail that contains a few unexpected pairings and ingredient combinations this year, but it is good to keep an open mind! Many of these combinations taste great once you get past the initial shock factor that hits the customer upon reading the ingredient list. Think chorizo, anchovy’s, and even endives!


Mushrooms have been known as a healthy staple for years, so why not incorporate that stable into your cocktail? From mushroom vodka to sparkling wine with mushroom tea, the fungi are sure to make its way into your cocktail glass this year. The combination may seem off-putting at first, but when paired correctly. The flavor is actually quite enjoyable!

Savory Cocktails

Cocktails are beginning to imitate the tasty meals you order in a restaurant more closely. In fact, you may be able to order a cocktail inspired on your favorite dish. Broth, bacon, and a variety of spices are being used to create cocktails based on gyros and so much more! The mind and creativity of your bartender is truly the limit with this cocktail trend. Don’t be afraid to make a menu suggestion and see what they can craft up! Who knows, it may just be a new hit.

Trattoria Il Panino

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