Cocktails Season in Boston

The North End is a gorgeous area in Boston that Trattoria Il Panino is proud to call home. While there are plenty of restaurants, shopping areas, and bars, Trattoria Il Panino is well-recognized for offering the best cocktails in Boston. Each and every cocktail is crafted to perfection so you can pair your beverage with a delicious, authentic Italian meal.

Our Panino Old Fashioned puts a twist on a classic favorite. We go above and beyond to provide our guests with the perfect balance of alcohol and sweetness. The Panino Old Fashioned is one of our most popular options which includes Michter’s, Agave, Bitters, Muddled Orange, Luxardo Cherries, and Soda.

Our Martini is another classic cocktail that is a huge crowd-pleaser. At Trattoria Il Panino, we’re always concocting innovative drinks such the Pistachio Martini. This beverage includes a variety of flavors: Disaronno, Frangelico, Bailey’s and Blue Curacao. For a dessert beverage, treat yourself to our Espresso Martini which comes with sugar and cacao around the rim!

If you’re still longing for summer, we have you covered. Opt for the Lemon Drop, a fruity cocktail made with fresh lemon juice! 

Another favorite among customers is our Red Sangria and White Sangria. While we certainly have the best cocktails in Boston’s North End, we also have the best sangria. What makes our sangria absolutely delicious? These alcoholic drinks are made with Hennessey VS, Cointreau, Combier Peach, Apple Liquor and Fresh Fruit Juice.

The next time you’re looking for the best cocktails in Boston, head to Trattoria Il Panino!