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A close up of the Amaranth plant

All About Amari

Amari, Italian for “bitter,” represents a diverse family of herbal liqueurs celebrated for their complex flavors and cultural significance. These aromatic spirits are the core

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Several people clink glasses of champagne together in a toast

How Is Champagne Made?

Champagne has long been synonymous with celebrations and moments of elegance. Yet, behind its effervescent charm lies a fascinating and meticulous production process that has

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A bottle of wine with the corkscrew and cork slightly sticking out of it

Italian Wine vs. French Wine

Winemaking is a practice that dates back centuries and has evolved significantly over the time period that it’s been around. Different countries around the world

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A pitcher of red sangria with two full wine glasses in front of it. They rest on a wood table

Red vs. White Sangria

Sangria has always been the perfect alcoholic drink for a picnic or party. However, this refreshing cocktail has two varieties, which are red and white

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Why Is Wine Aged?

Alcoholic beverages are plentiful and varied. There are so many different techniques that you can use to achieve the optimal flavor for your drink! Some

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History of Rosé

When people think of wine, red and white wines are the most popular choice that come to mind. However, it can’t be denied that rosé

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