Building your First Charcuterie Board

Whether you’re heading to a get-together or hosting company at your own home, the food that is being served is always going to be the main focus for most of your guests. Having an equal balance of no-cook options and delicious meats, salads, and casseroles are always the key to happiness. When it comes to appetizers, serving a charcuterie board is a no-brainer. Never built one before? These tips will ensure it comes out perfectly.

Serve Everything on Something Bold

Don’t try to simplify the actual board thinking the food takes away all the attention. A great serving platter makes even a simple, thrown together charcuterie board look like something out of a fine restaurant. Anything resembling stone or wood should do, but don’t try to pass a cutting board off as a platter. Cheap options can be found online and at places like HomeGoods or Target.

Center Everything Around a Bowl

If you have a slice of cheese, dip, or sauce that needs to be in a bowl, place it in the center. It helps keep people from moving things around too much and allows a nice buffer between different features. Plus, it looks organized, and that can make it taste even better.

Offer Various Cheeses, Featuring Various Intensities

Nothing is worse than a board with no variation in cheese intensity. Make sure to offer everything from mild cheddars to strong, bold Gruyeres. Plus, consider a cheese with a different texture like a slice of blue cheese, in case people want something a bit different to try with your meats and crackers.

Bread and Crackers Can Coexist

Some think crackers are a bit too casual. On the other hand, people sometimes think bread can be a bit too hard to fit into a board or on plates. Both have a role to play, and if you feature crackers with great flavor and slices of bread that don’t crumble or barely allow guests to bite into them, you’ll be in great shape.

Don’t Forget Small Details in the Form of Little Bites

Things like olives, mustards, and other flavor boosts can really make a simple cheese and cracker plate into something special. Be sure to play around with smoky, savory, and sweet flavors. That way, everyone can grab what they prefer, and gutsy guests can try a little of everything. Options are everything!

Charcuterie doesn’t have to be over the top to make a big impact on guests at a party or get together. With these easy to follow tips, building your first charcuterie board can be easy!