Best Sangria Recipes for Summer

With gorgeous summer months finally on the horizon, there’s truly nothing better than kicking back outside with a nice glass of sangria. After all, a relaxing occasion calls for it! There’s more than one way to have sangria; in fact, there are a lot of different recipes that pair well with the summer months. Read on to discover sangria recipes that are the perfect compliments for those gorgeous summer days!

Sangria Slushie

You probably aren’t a stranger to the fact that summertime can bring about extremely warm weather! On those hot days, you’ll probably wish that you had a nice drink to cool off with. If that sounds up your alley, the sangria slushie is a fantastic way to combat the heat! The preparation time for this drink is a little bit longer than most recipes, but trust us when we say the outcome is well worth it. Click here to get the full recipe and try this delicious beverage for yourself!

White Wine Sangria With Fruit

For most sangria recipes, red wine is traditionally the wine of choice. But, what’s wrong with thinking outside the box every once in a while? For this sangria recipe, you’ll need your finest white wine! What better compliment is there for a nice sangria drink than the summer’s most popular fruits! This recipe perfectly blends the ingredients, with the fruit being an ideal complement to the sweetness of the wine.

Sparkling Wine Sangria

When people think of an alcoholic beverage that pairs well with breakfast, they’ll usually gravitate towards mimosas. After all, they’re easy to make – and tasty! But what if there was an alternative that was just as easy with the added sweetness of fruit? That’s where sparkling wine sangria comes in. This recipe uses Spanish sparkling wine and an assortment of berries, blended into a fantastic drink to enjoy during breakfast or brunch.

Peach Sangria

Peach Sangria is another fantastic example of a sangria recipe that requires a little bit of preparation, but yields a fantastic result. Peach is an ideal fruit to enjoy during the summer months, and the combination of it and sangria brings out the best blend of sweetness for a relaxing summer afternoon! This recipe also uses minimal ingredients, so it could yield the best bang for your buck too.

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