Benefits of Private Dining

There’s no doubt that eating out in Boston’s North End is an enjoyable experience. With so many fantastic restaurants and authentic options, you’re bound to have a good time out! But, what happens when you’re trying to host a gathering at one of these restaurants? Chances are, the quality of service won’t be the same as if you were dining in a small group. This doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that you can do; Trattoria Il Panino offers private dining for these exact types of functions! Read on to discover the benefits that our private dining service can bring to your event.

Less Wait Time

If you’ve ever been out to eat as a large group, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to wait a while for your food. When you book a private dining session with us, this isn’t something that you’ll have to worry about. The staff you’ll be working with will be focused solely on your private dining experience, so you won’t need to worry about waiting for other parties. You won’t need to entertain your guests on an empty stomach!

Personalized Menu Options

Before you even step foot in our venue, you’ll be working with our experienced event coordinators on planning the perfect evening. One of the things that they’ll work closely with you on is picking menu options. You can actually make a custom menu for your private event! We’ll be able to work with you to determine what items you want on the menu and what you want to leave off. You’ll even be able to choose what wines and cocktails you include!

Choose Your Own Setup

Our staff will also be able to help you pick your setup for the evening. You’ll be able to choose from an extensive list of floral arrangements and table setups to ensure that your event looks exactly the way you want it to. You’ll also have a fantastic view; our venue overlooks the beautiful streets of Boston’s North End! Regardless of where your preferences lie, we’ll be able to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Private Dining At Trattoria Il Panino

Did you know that Trattoria Il Panino is Boston’s first original trattoria? It’s also the best one! We have an extensive menu filled with authentic Italian cuisine and seafood options. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring the genuine Italian experience to Boston. To get the full experience for yourself, make a reservation with us today!