Bellini vs. Rossini

You may not think that Italian cocktails are too commonplace, but you should think again! In fact, many famous bar staples have come directly from the heart of Italy. The Americano, limoncello, prosecco and martinis are some of the most famous cocktails to consume at night, but what about during waking hours? Bellinis and rossinis are two of the most popular Italian cocktails to consume during the daytime. They may be similar, but they have some key differences that could make you favor one over the other. So, how are they different – and similar? We break it down for you below!


What makes bellini and rossini so similar is the fact that they both come from the same parent beverage. It’s hard to go to a brunch without mimosas being involved, and that is the cocktail from which these two beverages stemmed! Like the mimosa, bellini and rossini are both best consumed during the morning and afternoon. 

All three of these drinks share a common ingredient in prosecco as well, considered the building blocks of the beverage. The bellini and rossini each hail from the same place of origin as well, as both cocktails were first introduced in Venice. They were both even introduced at the same bar – Harry’s Bar, to be exact! Neither of the two drinks require much prep time, as both can be made in just a few minutes.


The main difference between bellini and rossini has to do with the other ingredients in the cocktail. Instead of orange juice like the traditional mimosa, bellini combines peach juice with the prosecco. On the other hand, rossini is made using strawberries. Instead of using actual strawberry juice, however, the strawberries are pureed before they can be added to the beverage. Bellinis were actually invented a few years before rossini was, as the drink first originated in 1934. Rossinis wouldn’t emerge onto the scene until fourteen years later in 1948.

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