All About the Espresso Martini

For many decades, people have been finding new and creative ways to drink alcohol. There have been too many mixed drink recipes to count, and there are some that rank much higher than their competition. Cocktails are a similar breed, but allow you to get even more experimental with flavor combinations. In recent years, people have been adding coffee to their alcoholic beverages, which has led to some really interesting combinations; for example, the espresso martini! This popular drink is not without a rich history. Read on to learn all about the espresso martini!

Origins of Espresso Martini

The espresso martini is actually not an American creation; it’s origins go back to Great Britain! It was first created during the 1980s by a famous bartender named Dick Bradsell. The prevailing story is that Bradsell first made the drink when a woman approached him at the bar, looking for something that would both wake her up and get her drunk at the same time. Bradsell mixed the ingredients together, and the rest is history! Many people have claimed that they were the true inventors of the drink in the years that followed, but most believe that it was Bradsell who first concocted it. Today, espresso martinis have become a staple at bars around the world.

The Espresso Martini Name

As it turns out, the espresso martini wasn’t always called what it is today! When Dick Bradsell first made the drink, he called it the Vodka Espresso due to the drink’s vodka content. He later renamed it to the Pharmaceutical Stimulant, and then the espresso martini later. It got its final name thanks to the martini glass the drink is typically served in. It’s actually not known as the espresso martini around the world; different countries use either of the three variations of the name!

Best Recipe

To make the best espresso martini yourself, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Coffee Liqueur (Think of Kahlua)
  • A Shot of Espresso
  • Sugar Syrup

You would then shake the ingredients together in a mixing cup and serve in a traditional martini glass. Enjoy!

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