All About Sirloin Steak

Have you ever noticed that there are certain cuts of meat that just taste better than others? There are plenty of good reasons for it; it can depend on what part of the animal you’re taking from, what animal you’re eating, and how it’s cooked. By default, this means that some cuts of meat are revered more than others! Sirloin steak is a perfect example of this trend. But, what about it makes it so highly sought after? We break it down for you below!

Where Does It Come From?

The name of the dish should give you a pretty good idea as to what animal it comes from. As is the case with every other type of steak, sirloin steaks come from cows. However, the body part in which it comes from is what makes all the difference. Sirloin steak is taken from a cow’s sirloin, which is the top-most cut of meat on the backend of a cow’s back. There are actually several different types of sirloin that you can take from here, and they vary in terms of how prized they are.

Different Cuts Of Sirloin

There are four different cuts of sirloin used to make a sirloin steak: sirloin, tenderloin, top loin and bottom loin. Top sirloin is considered to be the most tender and juiciest of the different cuts, which makes it a hot commodity at butcher shops. Sirloin of this caliber is often marked as such! Bottom sirloin, however, doesn’t have the same level of qualities that top sirloin has, although the cut of meat is generally much larger than top sirloin. These are usually marked for sale as just sirloin steaks.

What Makes It Special?

Sirloin steak is a meal that many meat lovers hold up on a pedestal. It’s prized by connoisseurs the world over. So, what differentiates it from other cuts of a cow? Sirloin steak is considered to be by far the most tender part of the animal. Not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly juicy and flavorful. If you were to ask a meat lover what their top qualities of a certain cut were, they’d probably list those three. Sirloin steaks are the magnum opus of meat cuts for that reason!

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