All About Mezzi Paccheri

Can you think of a food in your favorite cuisine that boasts an incredible amount of variety? Across the different cuisines, there are plenty of foods that boast unparalleled variety in the types of recipes that they can be used with. Pasta is probably the best example of this – after all, there are tons of new recipes to learn about! One such dish is a staple on our homemade pasta menu in mezzi paccheri. Like many other types of pasta out there, this brand is unique for a variety of reasons. We’ll explain what makes mezzi paccheri so significant below!

The Makeup of Mezzi Paccheri

In order to understand what makes mezzi paccheri unique from other types of pasta, we must first look at its makeup. Mezzi paccheri is actually a specific type of paccheri, which is a thick, tubed pasta that originates from the Campania region of Italy. These tubes can be both smooth in texture and incredibly rigid. It earned the description of chopped up garden hoses from its unique place in Italian history. Mezzi paccheri pasta is typically made from durum wheat, which is higher in protein than other versions of wheat.

Its Unique Place In History

You didn’t think that we’d mention mezzi paccheri’s place in Italian history without actually going over it, did you? Believe it or not, this pasta wasn’t originally created to be served in pasta dishes. Italian garlic cloves were seen as unacceptable in certain parts of Prussia, a country that existed at the time. Paccheri pasta noodles were invented as a sort of container that could be used to smuggle these cloves across trade borders without detection. You could insert as many as four cloves of garlic into each noodle, which made them ideal to use for transportation.

What Does It Pair With?

Because mezzi paccheri pasta is so thick, it should go without saying that it’s perfect for absorbing the thick sauces needed for ragu recipes. It works well pairing with most meat sauces in addition to seafoods like clams, mussels and lobsters. It can even be stuffed with certain types of cheeses to make a ravioli-like dish or casserole! Mezzi paccheri even works well with alfredo based sauces, which speaks volumes about its ability to sit well with the thickest sauces of Italian cuisine.

Italian Delights at Trattoria Il Panino

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