All About Lamb Scottadito

If you’ve followed our work for a while, there’s one point that we love to drive home: there’s no end to the things you can learn about Italian cuisine! There are plenty of unique recipes, cooking styles, and ingredients that are specific to the big boot. If you’ve looked on our menu before, there were likely a few things that you didn’t recognize. We’re willing to bet that one of these dishes was our lamb scottadito! While this delicious meal might sound complex, it’s a lot simpler than you might think. We break down everything you need to know about lamb scottadito below!

The Dish Itself

The official Italian name for this dish is actually Agnello alla Scottadito, which roughly translates to “grilled lamb chops” in English. Essentially, this is what the dish is! As is tradition with a variety of Italian meat-based meals, this meal is no stranger to its herbs and spices. Rosemary and garlic are two popular staples of this Italian dish, but other variations of it include spices like lemon zest, mint and black pepper. Regardless of what you marinade them with, lamb scottadito is most noteworthy for the way it’s cooked on the grill.

What Is Scottadito?

That might explain what the dish actually is, but what it doesn’t do justice in explaining is the cooking style that they use. Sure, grilling the lamb chops is all part of the process, but it’s not exactly why it gets its name. Scottadito is a word itself in Italian, and it translates to “burnt fingers” in English. They get their name because these lamb chops are cooked at high temperatures and served almost immediately off the grill. These lamb chops are tasty enough that you’ll want to eat them right away, hence the name!

What Makes Them Different?

So, what makes this dish different from traditional lamb chops? Most of the answer to this lies in the way they’re cooked. Most lamb chops are grilled or roasted, but none of them are served immediately off of the grill! Lamb scottadito is also made from parts of the lamb that are the most tender, which gives further credit to wanting to eat them right off of the grill.

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