A Guide To Milan’s Most Noteworthy Cuisines

One of the most exciting parts of traveling to a new destination is getting to try the local foods in the area! If you’re planning a trip to Italy in the near future, you should have a good idea of the hotspots for dining in this fantastic country. Areas like Florence, Venice, and Rome are well known for their unique and delicious Italian cuisines, but what about the famous city of Milan? As it turns out, Milan has their own unique selection of delicious foods. If you want to know about the best foods before you arrive there, look no further – we’ll show you our personal recommendations below!

Risotto alla Milanese

Risotto is one of Italy’s most unique and famous staples! There are tons of different risotto recipes that are exclusive to certain cities and regions in the country, and Milan is no different. Milan’s version of risotto includes chicken stock, white wine, cheese, and saffron as the base ingredients. It’s commonly served with either ossobucco or fried eggs, and the dish is characterized by its signature yellow color. There’s a reason why this recipe has achieved worldwide fame – its taste is like no other!


The literal translation of ossobucco is “bone without a hole”, but it doesn’t do justice to how fantastic this meal is. If you’re a fan of veal, then this is a dish you are going to love! Veal shanks are the primary ingredients in ossobucco, and the “hole” described in the translation is filled with tasty bone marrow. The most unique thing about ossobucco is the fact that it’s served differently at every restaurant in Milan. The sauces, fillings, and cheeses used will be unique, so this is a dish that we recommend you try at multiple restaurants!


It’s easy to make this dish incorrectly, but that’s why polenta is best enjoyed at the heart of its creation in Milan! It’s easily the healthiest dish of the ones that we’ve listed here, as the main ingredient used is cornmeal. Adding hometown staples like gorgonzola cheese, meat ragu, sausage, or stews makes this side dish worthy of being served as a main course. Even if you don’t want to commit to making polenta your whole meal, it’s commonly served as a side with most Milanese cuisines you’ll find!

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