A Guide To Different Types of Mozzarella

Is there any food that is more satisfying to eat than cheese? There are so many different uses and types of cheese that it can be added to pretty much any recipe and be considered decent. When it comes to mozzarella cheese, this is no different. If you thought that mozzarella cheese was a static type of cheese, think again! There are actually several different variations of mozzarella cheese that have specific applications and characteristics. We highlight some of the most noteworthy ones below!

Fior De Latte Mozzarella

While this type of mozzarella might have a unique sounding name, it’s actually simpler than you think! Fior de latte loosely translates to “flower of the milk”, and is the term used to describe your standard mozzarella. This cheese, like many other types of cheese, is made using cow’s milk. It has a delicate and creamy flavor and can usually be found in your standard grocery store. It’s also used as an ingredient in the Italian caprese in addition to certain pizzas.

Bufala Mozzarella

If you aren’t sure what makes this type of mozzarella different from its counterparts, take a closer look at its name. You may be able to recognize a familiar word here! Bufala mozzarella translates to buffalo mozzarella, which is what makes this cheese unique. Instead of being made from cow’s milk, bufala mozzarella is made with milk from Italian buffaloes. The flavor profile is considerably different, adding a tangier and richer taste than regular mozzarella. This added flavoring comes at a cost, however, as bufala mozzarella is twice as expensive as other types.


Have you ever heard of mochi before? It’s a recipe that has an ice cream like outer shell with a creamy and tasty inside. Burrata is essentially the same concept as this, but applies to mozzarella cheese. Burrata has an outside that is similar to most types of mozzarella, but the inside of the shell is far richer and creamier than the outside. For the best results, break open the burrata and scoop up the inside filling with a piece of Italian bread. You won’t regret the end result!

Mozzarella at Trattoria Il Panino

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